Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A❤️K: An Evocative Leisure First

A month ago, October 24 2015, a dear cousin finally became one with the love of her life and I got the privilege to be a part of that dream-come-true. 

A❤️K logo/monogram

Designing a wedding suite is a personal dream-come-true. One off my bucketlist!😭❤️ 

This version of the monogram appeared in their pre-nup video.

The invitation suite came in two versions of the cover page: one, in a colored version like this one above. Two, a lazer-cut on plywood version. The latter version, were given only to the principal sponsors and family. The rest of the guests received the one printed in a card.

The Long list of the Entourage.
Wedding details! This has got to be my favorite page. Sketching out the map was a fun experience to do. Not being from Manila, I didn't know what the church and the hotel looked like. Times like these call for my trustee-old friend, Google. I hope I did justice to the Architects who designed those buildings!

The plywood  lazer-cut with the cover-page. Aaahhh😍❤️

I loooooved the way the actual suite turned out!!! Heart-eyes everywhere!!😍😍😍😍  

Photos of the suite taken by the official photographers.

The suite was one thing, I also got the chance to do the rest of the reception labels! From registration, to photobooth, to food!! It's so overwhelming to see your work around you. Literally! The room was filled with my handwritting and with guests praising my work, I could't help but be giddy. Smiling like crazy going around the whole venue annoying my sister saying, "Aaaah, it's me! Everywhereeeere!! It's miiiine!" (#sorrynotsorry #hatersgonnahate) 😂 

Wedding reception labels ❤️

Thank you so much to my cousin Achi Kaye and my new cousin Ahia Anthony for giving me this opportunity and for trusting me to do this. It was such an honor to be part of your special day ❤ 

Wedding reception venue: Crowne Plaza Galleria, Ortigas

Sunday, July 27, 2014

18 JULY 2014: C I N C O 💙

For every gift that I give, since then, I always want to add something original, or by me. From the gift wrap to the gift itself, any crazy idea that pops into my head.  For our fifth year anniversary, i decided to be extra-crafty.

 TAAAADA! I know, i know, this is super-dee-duper major fail but hey, it's from the deepest end of my heart!hahahaha ;)

So here it is, i decided to make a bunch of paintings of us at first, tried my very best but I sure can learn so much more.hahaha!

See the lower left painting? that's my first attempt. I wanted to make it perfect, with eyes and shadows and all, but look how it turned out!!hahaha That doesn't even look like me!! So i decided to layoff the face details and went ahead with faceless us. These paintings are actually pictures of us in actual moments. just tried to replicate it through watercolor.

I also tried experimenting my "skills" on watercolor calligraphy and tried making thank-you-card like cards. I also did calligraphy using my disposable tech pens, and my Sharpie gold marker, the background of the card, i just did that with watercolor strokes.

Then, i tried experimenting my newly learned craft! Rubber stamping :D

Forgot to take pictures of my actual stamps though, but this was the result :)) Only used erasers by the way, it was really hard to carve out the letter considering the eraser size!

For the actual gift, i just used, craft paper as gift wrap and just decorated it with the stamps that i made. :)

Guess the actual gift made him the happiest, not the "efforts" I made.hahahaha kidding! :P

and then here's us ❤

....and more of us! #sorrynotsorry (posted this on my instagram page)


Best person + good food + amazing view = perfect night ❤

Happy 60 months to us!! :)) ❤

Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Finally had a chance to buy new tools for me to work on. I've always wanted to try out rubber stamping so i went ahead and bought rubber cutters on a very random day and couldn't wait to try it out. I was too excited to test it out that instead of searching for avaible rubber pads, I got erasers instead.haha!

throughout my trial, i realized that my cutters were actually big/wide fro the eraser not making it as clean and perfect as possible, but still managed to work with it. (hoping to get the small ones soon!)

Tadaaa! My finished product.

I got some ideas in store so please stay tuned! :)


AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! THIS DAY WAS ONE OF THE BEST EVERRRR! Finally met my craft inspiration, Alessandra Lanot of LifeAfterBreakfast for a watercolor workshop. I had such a blast, learned a lot and just basically was fangirling all the time. :)))

So sorry for posting super late, was very busy with school work. Finally got the time! #sorrynotsorry

 Had our workshop at A little piece of sky cafe in Guadalupe, Cebu. (super cute and cozy place!!)
With my craft buddy and my loves, Syang <3

One of the highlights of the workshop, freebies!!! Yey for new stuff!! the workshop kit included a Koi 18-watercolor palette, 3 brushes, a pencil, an eraser and watercolor papers.

Just, aaaaahhhh!!!

The Koi 18-watercolor palette

First activity, figuring out shades and hues of different colors, and ofcourse, picked out blue!

Vegan snacks! Camote fries and a veggie sandwich! (forgot the ame)

Our ever loyal supporters who came with us to the workshop, Gale and Charmaine! :)

Table mates with Alessa!!:))

At the end, we were told to gather our works on the coffe table. guess which one's mine!:D


We were told to "like" the work which we thought was the best. 

Class photo op!

 My work at the top center :)))

It's a tie!!! me and this girl won :D

Our noob works!hahahaha

Syang thought her work was like pizza. Lol

With Alessa and her husband PJ! :)


For winning, i got an original artwork from her!!! So surreal!!!!

The "inspiration" of my work. hmmmmmm

My works plus a post card given away by Alessa at the lower right.

This has been a great experience for me and hopefully, I would still be able to join her future workshops. Still hungry for more!!

Stay tuned! :)