Wednesday, July 23, 2014


AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! THIS DAY WAS ONE OF THE BEST EVERRRR! Finally met my craft inspiration, Alessandra Lanot of LifeAfterBreakfast for a watercolor workshop. I had such a blast, learned a lot and just basically was fangirling all the time. :)))

So sorry for posting super late, was very busy with school work. Finally got the time! #sorrynotsorry

 Had our workshop at A little piece of sky cafe in Guadalupe, Cebu. (super cute and cozy place!!)
With my craft buddy and my loves, Syang <3

One of the highlights of the workshop, freebies!!! Yey for new stuff!! the workshop kit included a Koi 18-watercolor palette, 3 brushes, a pencil, an eraser and watercolor papers.

Just, aaaaahhhh!!!

The Koi 18-watercolor palette

First activity, figuring out shades and hues of different colors, and ofcourse, picked out blue!

Vegan snacks! Camote fries and a veggie sandwich! (forgot the ame)

Our ever loyal supporters who came with us to the workshop, Gale and Charmaine! :)

Table mates with Alessa!!:))

At the end, we were told to gather our works on the coffe table. guess which one's mine!:D


We were told to "like" the work which we thought was the best. 

Class photo op!

 My work at the top center :)))

It's a tie!!! me and this girl won :D

Our noob works!hahahaha

Syang thought her work was like pizza. Lol

With Alessa and her husband PJ! :)


For winning, i got an original artwork from her!!! So surreal!!!!

The "inspiration" of my work. hmmmmmm

My works plus a post card given away by Alessa at the lower right.

This has been a great experience for me and hopefully, I would still be able to join her future workshops. Still hungry for more!!

Stay tuned! :)

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