Sunday, July 27, 2014

18 JULY 2014: C I N C O 💙

For every gift that I give, since then, I always want to add something original, or by me. From the gift wrap to the gift itself, any crazy idea that pops into my head.  For our fifth year anniversary, i decided to be extra-crafty.

 TAAAADA! I know, i know, this is super-dee-duper major fail but hey, it's from the deepest end of my heart!hahahaha ;)

So here it is, i decided to make a bunch of paintings of us at first, tried my very best but I sure can learn so much more.hahaha!

See the lower left painting? that's my first attempt. I wanted to make it perfect, with eyes and shadows and all, but look how it turned out!!hahaha That doesn't even look like me!! So i decided to layoff the face details and went ahead with faceless us. These paintings are actually pictures of us in actual moments. just tried to replicate it through watercolor.

I also tried experimenting my "skills" on watercolor calligraphy and tried making thank-you-card like cards. I also did calligraphy using my disposable tech pens, and my Sharpie gold marker, the background of the card, i just did that with watercolor strokes.

Then, i tried experimenting my newly learned craft! Rubber stamping :D

Forgot to take pictures of my actual stamps though, but this was the result :)) Only used erasers by the way, it was really hard to carve out the letter considering the eraser size!

For the actual gift, i just used, craft paper as gift wrap and just decorated it with the stamps that i made. :)

Guess the actual gift made him the happiest, not the "efforts" I made.hahahaha kidding! :P

and then here's us ❤

....and more of us! #sorrynotsorry (posted this on my instagram page)


Best person + good food + amazing view = perfect night ❤

Happy 60 months to us!! :)) ❤

Stay tuned! :)

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