Thursday, July 3, 2014



I officially welcome myself into the Blogspot world! (#sorrynotsorry) Not sure how this goes though but i guess it's worth the try. I do have a tumblr account of this with my past project so please check 'em out at Consider it my old account.

This blog is dedicated to my frustrations: watercolor painting, calligraphy, DIY crafting, and many more. Here i'll be sharing my out-of-the-blue artsy/crafty projects. I'm quite the busy bee so I won't be posting as much. (That's why it's AFTER. ..get it? ;) hahaha) Just like this moment! Randomly making Blogspot just because. Still a noob, so please cut me some slack. There's still so much to learn and slow but surely, i'll get there. Aside from that, I will probably be posting my adventures too! About school, friends, family, life, whatever comes.

For my first post, tadaaa! A watercolor calligraphy of my URL :D
Evocative leisure because I create through inspiration and imagination and doing crafts is my stress reliever. :)

Used my trustee Prang watercolor set.

Stay tuned for more! :))